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Zetor 6321

Zetor Tractor Logo

3321 2WD Tractor
  • More than a million Zetor Range 1 tractors, one of the most dependable tractor designs, are running in just about every part of the world. The new generation of Zetor Range 1 tractors combines the heavy, tough, reliable and easy-to-service Zetor Range 1 chassis with an all-new, state of the art cab, new controls, more powerful hydraulic systems, wet disc brakes and a wide variety of other improvements. What did not change is the basic Range 1 concept: Exceptional value for the money. 
  • The all-new, well equipped cab offers a flat, uncluttered floor and wide doors, for comfortable access from both sides. The cab has tinted windows. A fast responding heater is standard, air conditioning (CFC-free) is optional.
  • The wide, flat operator's platform is the same for tractors with and without cab and is mounted on specially designed rubber blocks to eliminate shock and vibration, for added driver's comfort.
  • Well balanced weight distribution over front and rear axle provides superior traction.
  • The rugged, easy to start engines provide outstanding fuel economy.
  • Full hydrostatic steering has its own hydraulic pump, fully independent from the main hydraulic pump. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter

Zetor 6321 Tractor

Engine 3 cylinder diesel, water cooled wet sleeves
Engine HP 43
Transmission Top shaft synchronized
PTO Independent 540 rpm
Steering Hydrostatic
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